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{CLOSED} Animated Short Seeking Voice Actors and Talent

2017-05-16 20:30:41 by AIR-TV

Hello Everybody! I'm planning a huge project! a 5-7 minute Comedy/Romance Animated short. To serve justice to my animation I need some talented voice actors!

Please submit Tryouts in a .wav or .mp3 format to

Animation's Estimated Release date (will notify about where I will post) :   2018 or early 2019
Voice Recording Estimated time (Never Recruited voices before so I have no Idea)  :  About 1-2 months (unless you have one of the smaller roles)

Audition Deadline: 6/2/17


Name: Remi Yoo
Total Lines: 38
Sex and Gender: Female
Tryout Lines:

He’s perfect, Smart, Athletic and Charismatic
Oh my god!
Yeah… I guess (laughs)
Uhh… emm

Name: Ryan Nash
Total Lines:36
Sex and Gender: Male
Tryout Lines:

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to…
Don’t speak of this to ANYONE!
Say.. wanna be friends?

Name: (Extra) / (N/A)
Total Lines:14
Sex and Gender: Male
Tryout Lines:

Wow you’re so cool
Ryan this is unacceptable!
Are you coming to my show tonight?

Name: Tristan Cole
Total Lines:8
Sex and Gender: Male
Tryout Lines:

Hey, I got you some ice cream
Just stop! We can talk about this

Name: Jaelynn Banks
Total Lines:5
Sex and Gender: Female
Tryout Lines:

Heeey (slightly extended hey) what’s up
Did he just… wave to you?

Name: Estelle Hayes
Total Lines:  3
Sex and Gender: Female
Tryout Lines:

Do I need to feed her again? Does she need milk?

Extra Info:

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: PG (Maybe PG-13?)
Crediting: Email me about Crediting voice actors, about whether you wish for me to use your name, or link viewers to a social media page like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

I look forward to the auditions! Please comment if you plan on or have sent me an email. Thank you for reading!



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